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Sur Wellness embodies a holistic and patient-centric philosophy that redefines the intersection of medicine, well-being, and personalized care. We believe that true beauty is not just skin deep; it’s about embracing authenticity and self-acceptance, empowering you to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. This ethos permeates every facet of our practice.

At Sur Wellness, we invite you to embrace a transformative experience that celebrates your authenticity, acknowledges your uniqueness, and empowers you to become the best version of yourself. Your journey towards a more radiant, authentic you begins here.

Expert Care, Personalised Plans, Exceptional Outcomes

At Sur, every touchpoint is an embodiment of safety, care, excellence and luxury. Our esteemed clinical ensemble comprises illustrious health experts, each having earned vast accolades and proficiency in their respective domains. This ensures that every Sur encounter not only meets but elevates our patients’ anticipations. Moreover, Sur’s facilities are nothing short of state-of-the-art, meticulously chosen and developed to result in optimal outcomes.

At our core, we’re committed to delivering a truly exceptional Sur experience. We take time to listen to our patients and take into account your lifestyle, medical history, and, most importantly, your aspirations so that we can tailor your journey with care, compassion, safety, excellence and luxury at every turn.

Meet Our Team

Karen Addison, Founding Partner and Clinical Educator

Karen Addison, RGN INP, is the embodiment of aesthetic sophistication and expertise. As the Founding Partner & Clinical Educator at Sur, her remarkable journey spans over 16 years, showcasing an outstanding record of over 80,000 transformative treatments.

Mr Alistair Sharples, Bariatric Medical Director

Mr. Sharples MSc MBChb FRCS is a highly respected Bariatric Surgeon at Sur, bringing a comprehensive skill set to the table. Specialising in weight loss surgery. With advanced fellowship training in both Canada and the UK, he brings international standards of excellence to our team.

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Why choose Sur?

Welcome to Sur Wellness, where we pioneer patient-focused, advanced surgical solutions. Your journey with us will be tailored to your unique needs for exceptional results and rejuvenation.


Investing in yourself with a surgical procedure should be an exciting and luxurious experience. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Sur, from luxury clinics to personalised touches and bespoke advice.


Our specialist cosmetic and bariatric surgeons have helped thousands of people get their dream results. Their experience means that they are the right choice to help you achieve yours.


Embracing 'The Sur Way', our approach to patient care is paramount; underpinned by a robust Patient Advocacy Program, we ensure every individual feels valued, understood and cared for.

Karen Addison, RGN INP, Founding Partner and Clinical Educator

Karen Addison, RGN INP, is the embodiment of aesthetic sophistication and expertise. As the Founding Partner & Clinical Educator at Sur, her remarkable journey spans over 16 years, showcasing an outstanding record of over 80,000 transformative treatments.

Beginning her career at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Karen graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2006 and went on to complete her Independent Nurse Prescribing Qualification at the University of West Scotland in 2011. Balancing her role as a Senior Staff Nurse at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, she delved deep into medical aesthetics, culminating in one of her most notable accomplishments: founding Sur Medispa in 2016, one of the UK’s leading aesthetics clinics. Today, this eminent clinic is a part of Sur Wellness, thriving under her guidance ever since.

Educated in the distinguished environs of Glasgow, Karen’s commitment to excellence is unwavering. She’s not just an aesthetic practitioner; she’s a visionary who has continually elevated her craft. Currently working towards her Masters in Aesthetic Medicine, Karen’s dedication extends beyond personal growth. She is fervently committed to sharing her knowledge, having served as Faculty and Regional Trainer for the Teoxane Group from 2017 to 2021 and currently being a pivotal part of The London Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (LAAM) faculty of clinical educators.

In her relentless pursuit of the highest standards of patient care and safety, Karen’s vision created ‘The Sur Way’ — a groundbreaking approach to aesthetics that centres around individual needs, safety, well-being, aftercare and holistic health. Recognising the challenges and uncertainties that patients often face, she also championed the creation of Sur’s signature Patient Advocacy Program. This initiative stands as a testament to her dedication, ensuring that every patient not only receives top-tier treatments but is also provided with guidance, support, proper aftercare and understanding throughout their journey. It’s this commitment to redefining the patient experience that truly sets Karen apart in the realm of aesthetic medicine.

Karen’s philosophy is rooted in a holistic approach, combining innovative wellness treatments with medical expertise and elevated standards of safety and care, thus ensuring that every patient’s experience at Sur is both authentic and transformative. Her passion resonates with Sur’s ethos, and she remains dedicated to celebrating individuality and maintaining the highest standards of care. With Karen at the helm, Sur’s legacy of aesthetic brilliance and personalised care continues to flourish.

Mr Alistar Sharples, MSc, MBChB, FRCS

A highly experienced Consultant Upper GI and Bariatric
Surgeon, Mr Sharples has gained extensive knowledge
and specialist expertise during his long medical career.
He is a Consultant Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon at
University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust.

Mr Sharples gained his medical degree in 2006 from
the University of Manchester, before completing his
post-qualification surgical training in hospitals in the
Midlands. He also underwent fellowship training in upper
gastrointestinal, bariatric and minimally-invasive
(keyhole) surgery in Canada prior to completing a
Master’s degree in Trauma Science at Queen Mary
University of London. Dundee University also awarded
him a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education.

In order to develop his operative and clinical skills to
help ensure the best outcomes for his patients, Mr
Sharples continues to develop professionally and
attends educational courses to enhance his clinical
competence. He has also attended, and presented,
at medical conferences and meetings in the UK and
further afield.

In addition, Mr Sharples has written and published a
number of research papers and case studies relating
to his area of expertise. A contributor to a teaching
programme at Keele University, he has tutored medical
students and has lectured GP trainees on surgical
topics relevant to conducting general pr

Mr Kanagaraj Marimuthu, MS, MBBS, FRCS, PhD

Mr Kanagaraj Marimuthu is a distinguished Consultant General Surgeon at Sur, with a focus on Upper Gastrointestinal and Bariatric Surgery. Currently serving as a consultant at the University Hospitals of North Midlands, he is deeply invested in clinical research and is recognized for his vast experience in bariatric surgery, advanced laparoscopic procedures, and general surgical operations.

Graduating with a medical degree from India in 1993, Mr Marimuthu’s pursuit of excellence led him across hospitals in the West Midlands, refining his surgical skills. His commitment to the profession earned him a fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons of England and further bolstered his academic achievements with a PhD from the University of Nottingham.

His surgical prowess extends to performing advanced laparoscopic surgeries, gallbladder procedures, hernia repairs, and anti-reflux operations. Always at the forefront of innovation, Mr Marimuthu has a keen interest in harnessing new technology in surgery.

In collaboration with the team at the University Hospitals of North Midlands, he has pioneered research in endobariatrics and other cutting-edge procedures. A fervent advocate for knowledge dissemination, Mr Marimuthu has penned several research articles, gracing the pages of esteemed journals such as The Journal of Physiology.

Mr Vittal Rao, MD, MS, MBBS, FRCS

Mr Vittal Rao stands out as a preeminent Consultant Laparoscopic, Upper GI, and Bariatric Surgeon at Sur, with a notable specialization in gastrointestinal and weight loss procedures like gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. After acquiring his medical degree from The University of Kerala, he served in Indian hospitals before transitioning to the UK. His dedication and expertise were evident when he rose to the position of Specialist Registrar in Upper GI in 2009, followed by his current role as a Consultant in 2013 at the University Hospital of North Midlands NH Trust.

Committed to excellence, Mr Rao consistently enhances his skill set through professional courses, ensuring he remains updated with the latest surgical advancements. This dedication allows him to offer a broad spectrum of procedures, ensuring optimal outcomes for his patients.

Beyond his surgical prowess, Mr Rao is an active member of organizations like The British Obesity and Metabolic Society. He further contributes to the medical community through extensive research and numerous publications. His engagement with academia is evident as an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Keele University and a key figure in the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and England.

Drawing from his vast experiences across diverse healthcare settings, Mr Rao’s approach to care is holistic, placing the health and wellbeing of his patients at the forefront of his practice.

Mr Periyathambi Jambulingam, MS, MBBS, FRCS

Mr Periyathambi Jambulingam stands as a beacon of surgical excellence at Sur, recognized for his vast expertise as a Consultant GI, Laparoscopic, and Bariatric Surgeon. Serving both the NHS and the independent healthcare sector, he has held the esteemed position of Consultant General Surgeon at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Trust since 2007. Further amplifying his credentials, Mr Jambulingam is also an Upper GI Surgeon and an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College London.

Beginning his medical journey in 1991, Mr Jambulingam charted an illustrious career, completing his higher surgical training in the West Midlands. His relentless quest for knowledge culminated in his Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training at the renowned Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Beyond this, he enriched his experience with a tenure at the hospital’s Liver Transplantation Unit and later, a fellowship in oesophago-gastric and advanced laparoscopic surgery at the University Hospitals Birmingham.

Always at the forefront of his domain, Mr Jambulingam has expanded his expertise through numerous bariatric training courses across Europe. He is a staunch advocate for continuous learning and frequently participates in seminars, courses, and conferences pertinent to bariatric and gastrointestinal surgery. His profound interest in oesophago-gastric surgery manifests in his focus on managing acid reflux disease, primarily through laparoscopic hiatus hernia repair. Moreover, his dedication shines through his services at the Obesity Centre for Research at the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital.

Mr Amr Khalil, MSc, MBBS, EBOPRAS

Mr Amr Khalil stands out as a distinguished Cosmetic Surgeon at Sur, bringing with him over two decades of profound expertise in plastic surgery. A graduate of the University of Alexandria in 2000, Mr Khalil embarked on an impressive journey of skill refinement, beginning with plastic surgery training in Egypt, followed by advanced practice in the UK, and a role as a senior specialist in Saudi Arabia.

His mastery lies in facial aesthetic surgeries, with a pronounced passion for rhinoplasty and body contouring, particularly assisting patients who have undergone significant weight loss, often post-bariatric surgery. His rich tapestry of experiences allows him to approach each procedure with precision, ensuring optimal outcomes for every patient.

Staying at the forefront of his field, Mr Khalil ardently engages in continuous learning by participating in seminars and conferences. This dedication not only amplifies his expertise but also guarantees that patients receive the latest and most effective treatments. Beyond his clinical prowess, Mr Khalil’s compassionate side shines through his charitable endeavors, notably assisting children with cleft palate conditions. His commitment to both excellence and empathy makes him an invaluable asset to the Sur team.

Mr Brian Simons, MD, FRCS

Mr Brian Simons, a distinguished Cosmetic Surgeon at Sur, is celebrated for his profound mastery in cosmetic body surgery. A proud alumnus of the University of Amsterdam, Mr Simons has dedicated his surgical career to guiding patients towards transformative treatments that align with their aesthetic aspirations.

His vast experience is cultivated from practicing in prominent hospitals across Germany, The Netherlands, and the UK. Notably, he has contributed his skills to the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and the globally acclaimed Plastic, Reconstructive Hand and Burns Unit at St Andrews Hospital, Broomfield. This international exposure, coupled with his Fellowship, has shaped him into a versatile surgeon proficient in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Mr Simons’ expertise spans a spectrum of surgical procedures, encompassing breast surgery, labiaplasty, liposuction, chest reduction, and abdominoplasty. Beyond Sur, he continues to serve as a consultant at various NHS hospitals and international institutions, holding full registration as a plastic surgeon in the UK. If you’re contemplating a transformative journey, consider a consultation with Mr Simons at Sur, and let his expertise guide you to the best possible version of yourself.

Mr Riaz Agha, MSc, MBBS, FRCS

Mr Riaz Agha stands as a luminary in the cosmos of cosmetic surgery, embodying both skill and passion. As a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, he is uniquely positioned with specialist fellowships in aesthetic surgery, complemented by a doctorate from the esteemed University of Oxford, focusing on evidence-based healthcare.

Navigating the realms of surgical excellence, Mr Agha has crafted masterpieces in procedures such as breast surgeries, abdominoplasty, liposuction, facelifts, and body lifts, with an impressive roster of over 10,000 surgeries under his belt

His formative years saw him emerging from the hallowed halls of Guy’s, King’s, and St. Thomas’ Medical School in London, propelling him into the esteemed London Deanery training programme in plastic surgery. His quest for excellence didn’t cease there; it took him to the shores of London and Belgium for further microsurgical and aesthetic refinement. 2018 was marked by a significant milestone, as he clinched his doctorate in Evidence-based Healthcare from the University of Oxford, adorning his academic journey with the illustrious Clarendon Scholarship.

Boasting over 12 years of post-graduate mastery, Mr Agha’s accolades are nothing short of remarkable. With 50 academic honours from powerhouses like the University of Oxford and the Royal Society of Medicine, his contributions to the field are immeasurable.

In his relentless pursuit of perfection, Mr Agha remains committed to imbibing the latest advancements in surgical techniques and technologies. At Sur, he doesn’t just perform surgeries; he crafts transformations, echoing his undying commitment to excellence. Embark on a journey with Mr Agha to witness the confluence of art and science.

Kylie Madden, RGN/INP, Nurse Practitioner

With a solid 25 years in nursing, Kylie Madden, RGN/INP, stands as a testament to Sur’s dedication to patient safety and care. Qualifying as a nurse in 1998, Kylie pursued a Diploma in Adult Nursing from the University of Paisley, earned her Nursing Degree from Napier, and a Health Studies Degree from the University of the West of Scotland. She further fortified her expertise with an Independent Nurse Prescribing Qualification from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

Kylie’s experience spans Acute medicine at both Cosshouse Hospital and The Glasgow Royal Infirmary, ensuring the highest standards of safety and patient care. As a Practice Nurse, she has emphasized continual learning, enhancing her capabilities in areas like Cervical Cytology, Immunisations, Venipuncture, and beyond.

At the heart of Sur’s mission, Kylie prioritizes patient well-being and evidence-based care, ensuring every patient feels secure and valued in her care.

Lisa Hague, Grief Coach

Lisa Hague, Grief Coach at Sur Wellness, brings over ten years of expertise in guiding families through the intricacies of grief. Her deeply personal journey, marked by the loss of her stillborn daughter, Lola, in 2008, propels her mission to alleviate the emotional weight of bereavement.

A familiar voice on the subject, Lisa has shared her story across TV, print, and radio. Her collaborative work on the BBC documentary, “Labour of Love,” and ambassador roles with SIMBA and the Miracle Foundation underscore her commitment to the cause.

Specializing in customized 1:1 sessions, group gatherings, and weekend retreats nationwide, Lisa’s approach is rooted in compassion and understanding. Her guiding principle: “While I cannot erase your grief, I can help ease the additional pain.” Lisa’s sessions are designed to provide a comforting space where clients can express themselves and recognize they’re not alone.

We’re honored to have Lisa’s expertise and heart at Sur Wellness where we believe mind, body and spirit are all key factors in a person’s health and wellbeing.

Dr Kerry Sweeney, GP
Dr Kerry Sweeney is a fully qualified GP and aesthetics practitioner. Although these are roles which can be quite different, ultimately Dr Sweeney has a real passion for helping her patients and providing exceptional standards of care.

A graduate of the University of Glasgow, Dr Sweeney holds an MBChB (Bachelor or Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree and has over six years of medical experience. This has been gained in several different roles, including working in paediatrics, sexual health, psychiatry, and breast surgery.

Dr Sweeney’s friendly but professional manner, coupled with her sound clinical knowledge, allows her to provide a truly holistic approach to patient-centred care. She is a member of the Royal College of General Practice, The General Medical Council and The British Medical Association.

Dr Sweeney’s week is split between her General Practitioner clinics here at SUR, her NHS GP duties, and performing aesthetics treatments. At Sur Wellness, she is available for GP consultations for a wide range of health needs and for aesthetics consultations and treatments. She appreciates that the current increased demand for GP appointments has led patients to look for a seamless pathway to access further investigations and/or referrals as required, and is excited to be able to provide this.

Ashley’s role: For the last three years, I’ve been a guiding hand for over 500 patients on their transformative journeys with surgery. From initial contact to post-procedure care, I’m by their side, making the process as smooth as possible. While surgery can be intimidating, the rewards—both physical and emotional—are invaluable.

Most enjoys: What lights me up? Connecting with people and establishing authentic, long-lasting relationships. There’s nothing quite like the post-surgery conversations; the newfound confidence in patients is absolutely uplifting.

Reasons to choose us: Compassion is our cornerstone. We’re committed to going the extra mile, being there for our patients whenever they need us.

Outside the office: Quality time with family takes precedence—be it a round of tennis, a cinema night, or a holiday. Paris has a special place in our hearts, as do winter sports.

Derek’s Role: My role involves guiding patients to select the surgical procedure that will yield the best results for them. Particularly with those on a weight loss journey, I offer support from our first conversation and continue to do so post-surgery.

Most Enjoys: It’s tremendously rewarding to alleviate patients’ anxieties about surgery and then witness the transformative results that follow.

Reasons to Choose Us: We offer not just surgical expertise but also an exceptional level of postoperative care, underlining our genuine commitment to patient well-being.

Outside the Office: I relish holidaying in warmer climes with my family and enjoy unwinding with friends when I have the chance.

Eunicia’s Role: As the initial touchpoint for those considering surgery, I’m responsible for guiding patients through their options, detailing both the benefits and potential risks. Once a decision is made, I’m there to ensure a smooth journey from start to finish.

Most Enjoys: It’s deeply rewarding for me to know I’ve made a tangible impact on someone’s life. The gratitude from our patients is heartwarming, and I can’t help but become emotionally invested because I genuinely care.

Reasons to Choose Us: Our professionalism sets us apart, but what truly makes us unique is our unwavering commitment to treating everyone with kindness and individualised care.

Outside the Office: Travel is a passion of mine, with Barbados topping the list of incredible destinations I’ve visited. I’m a social butterfly who loves catching up with friends and keeps active with weekly yoga, pilates, and Zumba sessions.

Emma’s Role: As a Surgeon Assistant, I’m here to provide patients with the critical information they need to make informed decisions about surgery. From initial consultations to post-operative care, my role is to ensure a seamless and supported experience.

Most Enjoys: The transformation I witness in our patients is truly rewarding. It’s incredible to see the shift in confidence before and after their procedure. I recently assisted a woman who had been planning her surgery for seven years; her happiness post-procedure was infectious.

Reasons to Choose Us: Choosing a healthcare provider is a major decision, and it’s crucial that you feel safe and supported. Rest assured, that’s exactly the experience you can expect with us.

Outside the Office: When I’m not at work, you’ll often find me spending quality time with my family and friends. I have a bit of a shopping habit I must admit, and to balance it out, I make time for regular gym sessions to stay fit.

Emma’s Role: I guide patients through their entire surgical experience, starting with their initial queries all the way to post-operative care. I walk them through every aspect of their chosen procedure and accompany them during their in-person consultations with surgeons.

Most Enjoys: Witnessing the transformation in patients’ self-confidence is incredibly rewarding. Hearing positive feedback, like a recent patient who was thrilled with her eye lift, affirms the high-quality care we provide.

Reasons to Choose Us: Our team is not only experienced but genuinely caring. We always strive to exceed expectations, delivering that little bit extra in every interaction.

Outside the Office: Socialising with family and friends fills my free time. I love travelling and exploring different cultures; so far, Mexico has been my favourite destination.

Kinga’s Role: My responsibility is to assist patients right from their initial contact through to their post-operative care. Utilising video consultations, I can connect with patients regardless of their location across the UK, fostering a sense of trust and familiarity.

Most Enjoys: I find it gratifying to impart the essential information that patients require when contemplating surgery. Their post-procedure happiness is my driving force; it feels rewarding to have a hand in achieving the outcomes they desire.

Reasons to Choose Us: It’s not just the expertise of our carefully-selected surgeons but also our lifetime aftercare commitment that sets us apart. We focus on individualised care, appreciating that each patient is unique.

Outside the Office: Having recently relocated to Scotland, my leisure time is mostly spent exploring my new surroundings. I also enjoy moments with my partner and socialising with friends whenever possible.

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