Nose Shapes and Surgery

Being unhappy with your nose and self-conscious about its shape can affect everything you do, from how other people react to you, to how you react to them.

When we don’t like what we see in the mirror, our self-confidence can really suffer, but nose surgery could provide the answer. Also known as rhinoplasty surgery or a nose job, it can change the look, position or size of your nose as well as being used to rectify breathing issues. 

Different types of nose surgery can help change specific nose shapes, but knowing which might be best for you isn’t always easy. So we’ve pulled together some of the most common nose shapes that patients tell us they’d like to change, along with information that’ll help you to understand what the options could be for you.  

Too long 

If your nose is overly large or long, it can be out of proportion to the other features of your face and ‘overpower’ them. The answer could be a complex rhinoplasty procedure, which can reduce your nasal tip to result in a shorter nose length. By helping to balance your nose with the rest of your features, this procedure can help your nose to complement, rather than dominate, your face. 

Too pointed 

If it has excess cartilage at its tip, your nose may be pointy. Nose reshaping surgery can reduce the amount of cartilage. By having a tip-only rhinoplasty, the tip can be reduced and rounded so that your nose is softer-looking. And the good news is that this kind of rhinoplasty can have a speedier recovery time in comparison to other nose surgery techniques. 

Wide or flat bridge 

If your nose is noticeably flat, has a sunken bridge or is very broad across the bridge, augmentation rhinoplasty can help. It reduces the width of the bridge and refines the base of the nose to improve the contours of the face and enhance the appearance of the face. 

Bulbous tip 

Having a bulbous tip means that you may have a wider and more rounded nose tip that makes your nose look too wide or too long. This can be due to excess nasal cartilage, fat, or soft tissue in the tip. Rhinoplasty can reshape the lower lateral cartilage to create a softer, more triangular appearance to result in a more delicate-looking nose that fits better with your face’s proportions. 

Bridge bump 

Also called a ‘Roman nose,’ having a bump on the bridge of your nose can make you self-conscious. It can sometimes draw attention away from the rets of your face because it dominates your features so much. Having rhinoplasty can help to eliminate a nose bump entirely, or make subtle yet significant change in the shape of the nose, depending on the look that you’d like to achieve.  


Crooked noses which pull off to one side can be caused by an injury your nose or by hereditary factors. Whatever the reason for it, the symmetry of your face can be affected by a crooked nose and so also affect your self-esteem. Having a rhinoplasty procedure can help to straighten your nose.  


How to find out which nose job could be right for you 

Ther are a range of rhinoplasty options available which may help you to achieve the nose shape you’d ideally like. However, it can be difficult to know which one would be best for you. 

Having a consultation with your surgeon is your opportunity to discuss what you’d like to achieve. They’ll let you know if you’re suitable for surgery and, if so, let you know which the best nose job would be for you.  

All of our rhinoplasty surgeons are specialists who have years of experience in dealing with different kinds of noses. And each is registered with the General Medical Council, so you know you’ll be in good hands. 

You can take the first step on your rhinoplasty journey today. Find out more about the options available – book a consultation with us and discover how we can help.  


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